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Charlotte Brontë was an English novelist and poet (21 April 1816 – 31 March 1855), the eldest of the three Brontë sisters who survived into adulthood and whose novels have become classics of English literature. She published her best known novel, Jane Eyre, under the pen name Currer Bell. he Rev. A. B. Nicholls, curate of Haworth since 1845, proposed marriage to Charlotte in 1852. The Rev. Mr. Brontë objected violently, and Charlotte, who, though she may have pitied him, was in any case not in love with him, refused him. Nicholls left Haworth in the following year, the same in which Charlotte's Villette was published. By 1854, however, Mr. Brontë's opposition to the proposed marriage had weakened, and Charlotte and Nicholls became engaged. Nicholls returned as curate at Haworth, and they were married, though it seems clear that Charlotte, though she admired him, still did not love him. In 1854 Charlotte, expecting a child, caught pneumonia. It was an illness which could have been cured, but she seems to have seized upon it (consciously or unconsciously) as an opportunity of ending her life, and after a lengthy and painful illness, she died, probably of dehydration.

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It was Brontë's second published novel after Jane Eyre (originally published under Brontë's pseudonym Currer Bell). The novel is set in Yorkshire in the period 1811–12, during the industrial depression resulting from the Napoleonic Wars and the War of 1812. The novel is set against a backdrop of the Luddite uprisings in the Yorkshire textile industry. While Brontë was writing Shirley, three of her siblings died. Her brother Branwell died in September 1848, and her sister Emily fell ill and died in December. Brontë resumed writing, but then her only remaining sibling, her sister Anne, became ill and died in May 1849. It is believed that the character of Caroline Helstone was loosely based on Anne and it has been speculated that Brontë originally planned to kill off Caroline but changed her mind because of her family tragedies. Shirley is what Brontë believed her sister, Emily Brontë, would have been if she had been born into a wealthy family.The maiden name of Mrs. Pryor is Agnes Grey, the name of the main character in Anne's first novel. She was based on Margaret Wooler, the principal of Roe Head School, which Brontë attended as both student and teacher. The novel is set in and around the spen valley area of west Yorkshire. This area is known as "Shirley country" to some locals. In the novel, Brairmains is based on "the red house" in Gomersal; Mary Taylor lived here and was a friend of Charlotte. The house is now open as a museum. Fieldhead in the novel is based on the Elizabethan manor house, Oakwell Hall, which is also a museum.

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這是勃朗特 ' s 第二部出版的小說後簡 · 愛 》 (最初發表在勃朗特姐妹下 ' s 化名柯勒貝爾)。這本小說是設置在約克郡 1811年 — — 12 期拿破崙戰爭和 1812 年戰爭所造成的工業大蕭條時期。這本小說是設置在約克郡紡織行業 Luddite 起義的背景下。 雖然勃朗特在寫雪麗,她的兄弟姐妹的三個死了。她的哥哥倫威爾死于 1848 年 9 月,和她妹妹艾米莉生病了,死于 12 月。勃朗特恢復寫作,但她唯一剩下的兄弟姐妹,她的姐姐安妮,然後病倒了,在 1849 年 5 月去世。 認為卡洛琳斯通的字元鬆散基於安妮和它有推測勃朗特最初計畫殺死了卡洛琳,但由於她的家庭悲劇改變她的主意。雪麗是勃朗特姐妹的相信她的妹妹艾米莉 • 勃朗特本來如果她出生于一個富裕的家庭。普賴爾太太娘家姓是阿格尼絲 · 格雷的安妮中的主要人物名稱 ' s 第一部小說。她基於獐頭學校,勃朗特作為學生和老師都出席了校長的瑪格麗特,沃勒爾。 這本小說是設定在西約克郡,天各一方流域面積。這個地區是到一些當地人稱為"雪麗的國家"。在小說中,Brairmains 基於"紅房子"在 Gomersal ;瑪麗泰勒住在這裡,是夏洛特的一位朋友。這房子是現在作為博物館開放。去菲爾赫德在小說中的基於伊莉莎白時代的莊園裡,奧克維爾的大廳,也是一座博物館。

Domain: Literature; Category: General literature

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Jane Eyre is a young orphan being raised by Mrs. Reed, her cruel, wealthy aunt. A servant named Bessie provides Jane with some of the few kindnesses she receives, telling her stories and singing songs...

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