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General astronomy


Astronomy; General astronomy

Stykker av meteoritter forvandlet til damp når det går inn i atmosfæren.


Astronomy; General astronomy

Banen til ett objekt om annet (brukes her for et legeme som kretser rundt solen).


Astronomy; General astronomy

Small rocky and/or icy particles that are swept up by the earth in its orbit about the sun. Also called "shooting stars", they travel across the sky in a very short time, from less than a second to ...


Astronomy; General astronomy

The units used to describe brightness of astronomical objects. The smaller the numerical value, the brighter the object. The human eye can detect stars to 6th or 7th magnitude on a dark, clear night ...


Astronomy; General astronomy

The magnitude value measured (or predicted) for a comet's nuclear condensation. Note that the true comet nucleus is rarely, if ever, directly observed from the earth because of the large amount of ...


Astronomy; General astronomy

Total, integrated magnitude of a comet's head (meaning coma + nuclear condensation). This can be estimated visually, as the comet's "total visual magnitude". The variable m 1 is usually found in ...


Astronomy; General astronomy

Utslipp av uønsket lys eller gjenskinn fra lysarmatur i oppførsel som counter hensikten med lys (som er lys hva er nedenfor); også kjent som sløsing med penger og energi i form av elektrisk lys, ...

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